Rental Cars

Go Rentals is our on-site partner for rental cars at the airport. Specializing in exceptional customer service, Go Rentals guarantees your vehicle requested and greets you planeside upon arrival.

Make your reservation here!  Or call at 760-849-8717

Luxury Transportation

If you require private, professional transportation in the desert, reach out to our luxury transportation partners:

A Transportation Service   |   760-849-4100

Cardiff Limousine & Transportation   |   760-568-1403

First Class Limousine   |   760-343-4910


If you just need to get from Point A to Point B, we would be happy to a call you a taxi for your arrival. You can give us a call at our front desk or call us on unicom and we’ll take care of the rest!

Yellow Cab of the Desert   |   760-340-9284


Uber and Lyft both service our area. Request a ride using your mobile app.

Make yourself comfortable in our rideshare lounge at the end of the hallway!