Bermuda Dunes Airport Aerial References

Aerial Reference map for parking, hangar, & lobby location reference

BDA Aerial_2Runway 28 and our with our T-Hangars & facilities on the South side

BDA Aerial_3Runway 28 from above with the Train Tracks & Freeway to the North (right hand side)

BDA Aerial_4T-Hangars, Tie Downs, and our Community Hangars

BDA Aerial_5Our Tie Downs are located to the East of our Maintenance Hangar/Terminal Building (Bottom right hand corner)

BDA Aerial_6Maintenance Hangar/Terminal Building (West side) to the right, Community Hangar in the center, and our Tie Downs (East side) to the left

BDA Terminal BuildingOur Terminal Building with the desert landscape in the background

BDA Aerial_10Terminal Building with both public and gated parking options (South of the Terminal Building)

BDA Aerial_8West ramp parking area with our Terminal Building in the background

BDA Aerial_7Approach end of Runway 10